Musical Genre

Drum & bass, dubstep, trap, glitch hop, soundtrack

Years Of Activity

2013 / Present



Hysterism is an electronic solo project influenced by several genres such as drum & bass, dubstep, trap, glitch hop, soundtrack…
The projects doesn't identify it self as one-genre representative, and that's why it contains mixed inputs and inspirations. It's dynamic and in constant change. Born in London in 2013 and currently based in Rome, the project took life through the indipendent label "Sons of noise" which realeased its first tracks. Shortly after, it catched the ear of several labels such as Most Addictive and Adaptive Records, which realeased some of its tunes.
In its latest release "Robot Manga Ep" out with Impossible Record, Hysterism has climbed the Top Ten Dubstep Releases ranking at 7th position with excellent feedback from DJs such as Stratus, Dirtyphonics, Far Too Loud and Kj Sawka.
Hysterism is also very oriented to the creation of movies and commercial soundtracks, indeed some of its tracks have been used in Fox Head, Forever 21, Quicksilver and Microsoft companies. At the moment the head of the project is focusing his energies on realeasing the forthcoming debut album, currently under construction.