Mad Man Factory

Musical Genre


Years Of Activity

1994 / Present


Gianfrancesco Voiglio was born in Casoria ( Naples ) class 1969. His first passion was sea and sailboats, when he was a young boy, he was soon able to compete at the main yachting club regattas, but soon, his real vocation was Music.

When He was just 18 years old ,he leaved University studies to address his attention and care to his first musical tool: Drums .
In this period He discovered the piano beginning to play jazz, soul, black music and working with the most famous bands as the first drummer.
The most important turning was on 1994. His dream came true... Gianfrancesco Voiglio and his brother Giulio formed the MAD MAN FACTORY , in a short period they worked very hard and gave life at the first and the most important recording studio in Naples. Drums and Piano was replaced to sampling synthesizers and in a short period they begun to accomplish productions and remix for the most important record companies:
EMI, WARNER BROS, EDEL and Others. Concerning Italian music, they worked with Flabby, The Mambo Italiano.
However, in order to artistic producer, he always has one of the most famous recording studios where he also give lessons of modern song, drums and piano.