Victorzeta e i Fiori Blu

Musical Genre

Mediterranean pop folk

Years Of Activity




The Victorzeta e i Fiori Blu project was born in 2011 from the collaboration of Ugo Russo, (former frontman of Crisma33 and author for Warner Chappell and winner of Giovani Suoni 2009) and Raffaele Vitiello.
Both of them blend their experiences creating, with the help of numerous musicians, a Mediterranean pop folk with songwriting roots with a strong theatrical imprint.

Victorzeta immediately won the Bulbart Festival in the 'Quality Music' section and the 'Oltre la Siepe - Interland Music Festival' Award. In April 2013 they presented the first album 'Dans le Rêve' at the Feltrinelli in Naples, and in the summer of the same year they participate in the Meeting del Mare, Voci dal Sud, Sant'Elmo Estate, Pummarock Festival and Joggi Avant Folk Festival, sharing the stage with Marta sui Tubi, the Ministers, Vinicio Capossela, Meganoidi, Sud Sound System and Nobraino. To date, Victorzeta have more than one hundred concerts all over Italy and are preparing a new album whose release is scheduled for 2021. they took part in the 'Open Sud Festival', and in the 'N'Ata Bagnoli' in which they flank Edoardo Bennato, Gragnaniello and other artists from the Neapolitan scene.

• Winners "Bulbart Festival 2012"
• Winners "OltreLaSipe Award 2012"
• Winners “Cortisonantil 2012
• Winners "Procida Film Festival 2013"
• 2014 G Awards winners