Musical Genre


Years Of Activity

2001 - Present


Born in Napoli, class 1975. He was always oriented towards dark and new-wave music like Bauhaus, Joy Division, the Cure etc.

Then in the early 90's he started going to his first underground parties, where he discovered progressive and techno music. This leads him to a course of study in a sound-engineering school to improve his music production skills.

He considers himself an audio fanatic. He wants to know everything and try everything he possibly can that comes in the high-end and professional audio world.

On top of this he is an audio-software expert and beta tester for Propellerhead software. In 2001 he started work as producer and sound engineer for a band called Minimod. Then after 2 years, he began to work more on his own music. Collaborating in several projects with different artists.

Not listening to mainstream music for ages let him develop his own personal tastes.