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Years Of Activity

1999 / Present



Alejandro Rojo aka COLOMBO was born in Malaga,Spain.
He is regarded as the most prominent “breaks” producer and dj of the last few years. In 1999, he started to produce electronic music when he was ONLY 17 years old.

He has been recognised 9 times as:
- 2010 "Best Young Producer" (Breakspoll Awards)
- 2011 "Best Artist of the Year" (Symphonic Distribution Awards)
- 2011 Over 3 months number 1 of TOP 100 BREAKS (Beatport Music Awards)
- 2012 “Best Producer” (Breakspoll Awards)
- 2014 “Best National Producer ” (International Breaks Awards)
- 2015 “Best National Producer” (International Breaks Awards)
- 2015 “Best Producer” (Breakspoll Awards 2015)
- 2016 “Best National Producer” (International Breaks Awards)
- 2017 “Best National Producer” (International Breaks Awards)
...and 31 EP’s (Double and Triple Tracks) with several music labels and has released over 150 tracks

With over 19,000 followers on SOUNDCLOUD
The track on youtube viewings " your dream will go" in excess of 73,219
The live performance with views on YouTube in excess of 285,818
The Visual Effects Company UPP have bought a 2 year licence to use the track "Divine Magic".
COLOMBO has appeared at many big festivals, major stadiums and clubs such as:
FABRIC (England), CABLE (England), iBreaks Festival (Spain), Summer Festival (Spain), Winter Festival (Spain), Floridance (Spain), Industrial Copera (Spain), Beat for Love (Czech Republic), Shake&Break (Russia), Strategik Festival, San Francisco (USA), Club Firestone Orlando (USA), Australia, Poland with an audience of over 10,000 people.

COLOMBO was selected for a Compilation for the documentary SPARK: A Burning Man Story (2013).
A compilation based on the documentary in double CD format and digital, in which he participated with 2 of his productions, SUMMIT and CLUBBIN.
It is not surprising that he has been the artist with most number one tracks at Beatport and many other music shops over the last two years and by the look of it there's no stopping for this prolific breakbeat artist.
COLOMBO is gaining plenty of attention from international promoters, with already a good number of international gigs, in the USA (Orlando, Miami,San Francisco), AUSTRALIA (Perth), RUSSIA (St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Krasnoyarsk) and EUROPE (Spain, England, Poland, Czech Republic) .
His live shows are supported ONLY by his own music, which means that enjoying COLOMBO live is such an amazing experience, which can get no wrong. It is a pure NIRVANA for all fans of electronic dance music.

Be prepared for high octane beats, with those ultra phat basslines and catchy vocals and melodies that no one else is capable of putting together. He is unique!