05 / 08 / 22

Nu Mood
Le Forze Del Disordine


Tra i vicoli bui e fumosi delle grandi metropoli si muove il popolo della notte, carico di ritmo, groove, e pronto ad assaporare la vita fino all’ultima goccia. Le forze del disordine sono un’armata in cerca di divertimento e di condivisione pronta a combattere il grigiore e la monotonia quotidiana. Con questo nuovo lavoro i NuMood esplorano sonorità funky e rock che richiamano le colonne sonore dei polizieschi degli anni 70 alternando parti che fanno muovere il piede e la testa ad atmosfere più sognanti.

15 / 07 / 22 - Disponibile in formato CD (200 copie) - Acquista

Luna Park
Victor Zeta e i Fiori Blu


Victorzeta e i Fiori Blu è un progetto in cui coesistono radice cantautorale e spirito folk rock balcanico, attivi da circa 10 anni nella dimensione underground napoletana di cui "Luna Park" è il secondo progetto discografico. Un disco in cui dimensione onirica e il brusco ritorno alla realtà saranno il leit motiv principale, spesso sottolineato da ritmi frenetici, avvolgenti e disperati a ritmo di folk, rock’n roll e tarantella, a volte più ironici e leggeri sulla base di tango o valzer.

all digital stores 26 / 11 / 21

Mad Man Factory


The return of Mad Man Factory with "Forever", a journey towards great funky house sounds. The pumping bass lines and the deep warm voice that together build a really great groove. Keep on dancing with this great sound!

all digital stores 08 / 10 / 21

Work For Love
Mad Man Factory


Mad Man Factory is bringing the energy back with his new track "Work For Love" with touching vocal from Shela Huston. Get ready for some pumping House that will do the lifting for you!

all digital stores 10 / 09 / 21

La Mia Nave
VictorZeta e i Fiori Blu


Throwing Records presenta il secondo estratto del nuovo album di VictorZeta e i Fiori Blu nel riarrangiamento con il fisarmonicista Giulio Fazio e con la partecipazione di Valentina Conte, Gianluca 'Xango' Salerno, Salvio La rocca, Kevin Stefanini, il brano "La Mia Nave" mescola sonorità popolari tradizionali come la tarantella e la pizzica con il rock.

Throwing Records presents the second extract of the new album by VictorZeta e i Fiori Blu in the rearrangement with accordionist Giulio Fazio and with the participation of Valentina Conte, Gianluca 'Xango' Salerno, Salvio La rocca, Kevin Stefanini, the song "La Mia Nave" mixes traditional folk sounds such as tarantella and pizzica with rock.

all digital stores 13 / 08 / 21

Don't Look At The Moon
Nu Mood


Nu Mood is a collective of emerging artists from Southern Italy. Musically it is a multicultural group that loves the mix of different styles and genres: these are the bases that lead to the symbiosis between the various members. "Don't Look At The Moon" comes from a moment of lightheartedness, from a moment of lightness typical of a cool summer night illuminated by the moonlight that frees the mind and lays bare the wishes of the listener, even the most hidden.

all digital stores 29 / 01 / 21

Take Me Away
Mad Man Factory


Mad Man Factory is definitely bringing the noise with the overall energy of this record, is going straight through the sound barrier. Take Me Away in full effect!

beatport exclusive 27 / 11 / 20

all digital stores 11 / 12 / 20

Deephone EP
Sonic Dust


Deep sonority, techno grooves, analog synths, progression beat, merged into melodic dark atmosphere. Sonic Dust is a Gerry Albano & Fabrizio Cusumano’s project, based on continuous research and experimentation sound, characterized by 90’s underground atmospheres, through the many musical directions plotted in time to the current electronic sound. Throwing Records is ready to go DEEP with this superb "DEEPHONE EP" by Sonic Dust. Impressive sounds!

all digital stores 16 / 10 / 20

Midnight Funk
Miss Autumn Leaves feat Mad Man Factory, Malcolm Joseph and Nick Van Gelder


For the very first time, 4 artists of Throwing Records are united in one soulful house "masterpiece" remix.
Midnight Funk featuring: Miss Autumn Leaves (Vocals), Mad Man Factory (Remixer), Malcolm Joseph (Bass) and Nick Van Gelder (Moog and Percussion)

all digital stores 25 / 09 / 20

Hot body


Shokë was born during the lockdown and formed by three Neapolitan fellas who are now ready to release their first work. ‘Hot body’ is a tech house track with a captivating rhythm, moved by a warm voice. Be ready to dance!

all digital stores 11 / 09 / 20

Immigrant Cancion
VictorZeta & I Fiori Blu


VictorZeta & I Fiori Blu with the participation of Costel Lautaru, Romanian accordionist with an unmistakable Balkan style presents the song "Immigrant Cancion" shows a desperate escape from the police that becomes a journey to discover submerged and invisible worlds where author folk meets the gipsy style of the Balkans.

all digital stores 28 / 08 / 20

Unconditional Love


Unconditional Love is a dedication of a pure heart, Agape! Let's go back to those days that love meant so much more than just words. We need to valuing ourselves for who we are with respect and unity. You can have it all, love won't let you fall. A beautiful song written and composed by Miss Autumn Leaves.

all digital stores 07 / 08 / 20

Empty Roads


Throwing Records presents in digital format, the "sold out" CD version of the album "Empty Roads" by Crisma33. By listening to these ageless tunes, the first thing that jumps to the ears is its outstanding production. All tracks of "Empty Roads" rapidly follow one another: amongst unleashed electronic rock melodies and trip hop atmospheres, there is a complete and intricate work of sounds. It is clearly perceived by the naked ear: a succession of guitars, keyboards, synths, vocals and samples. The arrangements that are not at all obvious, give the whole album, a psychedelic taste with a strong impact. The final product is an artistic output that leaves its mark.

all digital stores 22 / 07 / 20

Keep The Faith
Miss Autumn Leaves


Keep The Faith is an inspiring and uplifting song written and composed by Miss Autumn Leaves with the purpose to encourage people to never give up on goals and life's dreams. The message is powerful and clear: "Let's treasure all people, friends and loved ones who have lost their lives due to Covid-19, By keeping a strong faith. Hope and Love to all, let's make our world a better place.

all digital stores 10 / 07 / 20

5 Minutes
Rog3 feat Laxxard


For our 30th release, Throwing Records is happy and proud to celebrate with a new entry: Rog3. A powerful trio formed by Francesco Rogazzo (guit), Daniele De Santo (bass) and Marco Fazzari (drum) with heavy jazz and funk roots. They compose, improvise and explore music with curiosity, deep interplay and highly skilled execution. Here with their first release "5 Minutes" featuring Laxxard. Enjoy it all!!!

all digital stores 12 / 06 / 20

You Gotta Get On Up
Van Gelder/Fleming
Mad Man Factory RMX


From the twisted funkylicious minds of Van Gelder/Fleming comes this brand new "soulful house" version of "You Gotta Get On Up" remixed by Mad Man Factory featuring Sulene Fleming best known as the lead vocalist for the band "The Brand New Heavies" from 2016-2018. Killer Tune!

all digital stores 05 / 05 / 20

Heal Me
Malcolm Joseph feat Carol McGowan
Nick Van Gelder RMX


A message during these hard times. To bring Love and Unity to our World today and forever. Follow the Rainbow of Hope and Love for all. Heal with Love. Heal me with your Love. Throwing Records!

beatport exclusive 10 / 04 / 20

all digital stores 24 / 04 / 20

What They Like
Mat Eman


Mat Eman continues on that strong sound, with blazing progressive beats. The result is a undeniable club tune that will create sparks on dance floors. This is "What They Like".

beatport exclusive 13 / 03 / 20

all digital stores 27 / 03 / 20

Leather Boots
Mat Eman


After evolving his sound in 2019, Mat Eman continues that trend with his first release of 2020 with his brand new single ‘Leather Boots’. The result is a tune with heavy, tumbling bass lines, oldschool synth stabs and a raving climax, making this a real DJ weapon.

all digital stores 10 / 01 / 20



From the twisted mind of Zambot, a trippy piece of drum & bass, transporting you into a paranoid world of inner city life with a dose of trailblazing energy that brings cinematic sound design, funky low-end tech pressure and lush pads.

all digital stores 20 / 12 / 19

Mat Eman


A beautiful piece of dance music by Mat Eman.
The record brings his trademark sound and energy, nicely blending raw future house elements that will make you "crawl" to the dance floor.

beatport exclusive 15 / 11 / 19

all digital stores 30 / 11 / 19

Jump Slow
Mad Man Factory


Mad Man Factory delivers another strong club record bound to bring the noise.
Jump Slow until the morning come.

all digital stores 15 / 08 / 19

Malcolm Joseph feat Carol McGowan
Heal Me


The new hot funky Summer tune for 2019, from Malcolm Joseph feat Carol McGowan. Another classic from the long-awaited album, due Fall 2020.

all digital stores 04 / 08 / 19

Mad Man Factory
In The House


Throwing records is dropping another track signed by Mad Man Factory - In The House. An instant classic here, that's bound to soundtrack this 2019 summer season.

all digital stores 04 / 07 / 19

Malcolm Joseph feat Carol McGowan


Throwing Records is very proud to announce... Malcolm Joseph - Time feat Carol McGowan from Malcolm's music much anticipated 2nd album.

all digital stores 12 / 04 / 19

Alex Von Martin
Unalterable Law


A new release by Alex Von Martin including an inspirational message from the speech of Mahatma Ghandi.
"There is an indefinable mysterious power that pervades everything, I feel it though I do not see it. there is an unalterable law governing everything and every being that exists or lives. That law then which governs all life is God. God is life, truth, light." [...]

all digital stores 11 / 01 / 19

Alex Von Martin
Pied Piper


Close your eyes and let this tune drive you into the enchanted world of the Pied Piper.
Inspired by the Grimms' fairy tale, Alex Von Martin fuses heavy Techno drums with melodic atmospheres.
Have a nice trip!

all digital stores 13 / 04 / 18

Minimal Drift


Get ready for a taste of this minimalist record by 2 OHM It’s a tune with one of those grooves that work instantly, while the dark and rough basslines are doing their job in the low. You can't resist this one!

all digital stores 30 / 03 / 18

Mad Man Factory


Throwing Records presents a new release produced by Mad Man Factory. He is definitely on top of his game with this floor filler. CAUTION excessive techno levels! Don't get smashed by Asteroid!

all digital stores 09 / 02 / 18

Mad Man Factory
Walking in the midnight


There's just something sexy and inherently romantic about a walk in the midnight. Focusing on cool bass lines and deep trumpet solo as background. Classy Tune!

all digital stores 31 / 01 / 18

Mad Man Factory presents
Bat's Flight


Mad Man Factory flies into techno as a "Bat's Flight" with tribal rhythm and acid synth drops. Are you ready to fly high above the sky? Go ahead and grab your copy!

all digital stores 26 / 01 / 18

Mad Man Factory presents
Gaia feat Frankie Castle
Fabrizio Fiore Chic Mix
One Love


A discolicious chic mix + an instrumental version of One Love signed by Fabrizio Fiore. Firestarter for sure!

all digital stores 29 / 12 / 17

Mad Man Factory


As the new year raises its head there is no better way to celebrate with good music. Mad Man Factory’s new release “South” is influenced by South American vibes and enhanced by funky keyboard chords, making it the ultimate ear pleaser. Enjoy!


all digital stores 15 / 12 / 17

Mad Man Factory presents
Gaia feat Frankie Castle
One Love


Mad Man Factory Presents Gaia Feat. Frankie Castle, "One Love" with two fabulous vocals and soulful sweet melodies, is set on bringing joy and happiness all round. Don't miss this great new single !!


beatport exclusive 8 / 12 / 17

all digital stores 22 / 12

Mat Eman
Warm Boot


"Warm Boot" is Mat Eman's latest fresh production which combines deep house with a garage/bassline groove + a throwback to classic techno house with the 2nd track "I Think So". Ready to bounce your way through the club.


beatport exclusive 24 / 11 / 17

all digital stores 08 / 12

Viktor Martini feat Frame Stark
No Tengas Pena


When Victor Martini meets his partner in crime Frank Master aka Frame Stark, they deliver “No Tengas Pena”. Get ready to lose your mind on the highly driven beats, deeper groove and sensual female voice, all fuse perfectly together. Destined to make crowds move!

beatport exclusive 10 / 11 / 17

all digital stores 24 / 11



Poseidon will take you into slamming territory with unpredictable percussive elements and a cheeky hint of acid that quickly becomes increasingly prominent add to the contagious "hard hitting" beats and hypnotic chords.
Subzero: Be prepared for a dark-side journey. The main riff supports the pitched-down vocal, building up an enticing atmosphere which eventually reaches its climax before continuing to roll out in its creeping malevolence.

20 / 10 / 17

Dream, Terror, Superstition


It was said that his tales were generated by his dreams. Hysterism, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, master of the twentieth century horror, is out now with the new single "Dream, Terror, Superstition".


15 / 09 / 17

Captain Connors


Ladies and Gentlemen..."The Holy Grail Of Funk"...AKIMBO. Showcasing many of the Uk's "Top Jazz Guns" including members of: Jamiroquai, TBNH, Zero7, Incognito, Herbalizer, and Soul II Soul. Nick Van Gelder (Drums/Percussion), Simon Bartholomew (Guitar), Nick Seymour (Bass), Jim Watson (Fender Rhodes), Jessica Lauren (Moog), Jim Hunt (Sax), Dom Glover (Trumpet), Nichol Thomson (Trombone) + an exquisite remix by COLOMBO "The King Of Breaks". A MUST-HAVE!!!


11 / 08 / 17

Mad Man Factory Feat. Deborah


In June 2017, a new musical project started with the artistic production of Gianfranco Voiglio aka Mad Man Factory with this 2017 SUMMER HIT "Bailalo" Feat. Deborah and labeled by Throwing Records. Be ready for this catchy tune!!!


04 / 08 / 17

Mad Man Factory
Do It For Me


Dance under deep basslines, subtle guitar riffs and engaging vocals by a very talented Italian jazz singer ..."Frankie Castle". Enjoy!!!


28 / 07 / 17

Miss Autumn Leaves & Cymaz
To Be Loved (Remix Rogier Dulac)


"To Be Loved" by Miss Autumn Leaves We all need true love. If you found someone who loves you unconditionally,accept you for who you are, you have found a treasure. Happiness is that you can be free, feel free and that you can share your heart and soul with a soulmate who's there for life.


14 / 07 / 17

Mad Man Factory vs Jeffrey Vee
Bad Boy


Mad Man factory was formed in 1994 by two multi-instrumentalist musicians and a DJ. Together, influenced by the sounds of the 70's, they have created an electro-acoustic sound with captivating melodies. In 2016, singer Jeffrey Vee joins the band, giving voice to a “ BAD BOY” with this catchy funky tune.


07 / 07 / 17

Faster RMX


The very FIRST release of THROWING RECORDS, it is a remix by COLOMBO of the unrelenting “in-your-face” hard rock of first single “FASTER” by the rock band PH-ARM.