Crisma 33

Musical Genre

Electronic, Indie Rock, Trip Hop

Years Of Activity

1999 / Present



Crisma 33 (Ugo Russo/vocal – Simone Genovese/synth, keyboards, programming – Carlo Natale/guitars). Crisma 33 have been present on the scene for over 20 years, but they have retained the naked and pure attitude of the free underground spirit, despite having achieved remarkable goals (two of all: the song "Freedom "Was included in the soundtrack of the film by Eugenio Cappuccio with Giorgio Pasotti "Volevo solo dormirle addosso" (I Truly, Respect You) from 2004 and was presented together with the film at the Venice Film Festival; winners of the Young Sounds Festival 2009).
The Crisma 33 project was born in 1999 from a main nucleus joined by others over time, including collaborations (Rosario Vitiello / first drummer of the band, now their tour manager - Alessio Sica / current drummer) and elements that then became an integral part of the group. In 20 years the band has explored electronic music in its many aspects, sometimes contaminating them with each other, sometimes veering the proposed sounds in one direction and sung by a voice used as another instrumental sound rather than in its verbal communication and homogeneously immersed in the psychedelic atmospheres designed by guitar and keyboards. The sounds proposed by Crisma33 can be inserted in an international context that makes us remember above all the trip hop scene in Bristol. The final effect is a sound that leaves its mark.