Nick Van Gelder

Musical Genre

Jazz/ Funk / Soul

Years Of Activity

1983 / Present



Nick van ‘Groove’ Gelder started his music career in the mid 80s as drummer and cofounder of cult space-rock band Ozric Tentacles. Juggling a busy gig/festival schedule with his art school commitments he completed his degree at Middlesex Polytechnic in graphic design but ultimately couldn’t deny his true! Between 83-88 Nick provided the beats for the five initial Ozrics cassette albums. The all instrumental improvised format was a valuable learning expierience.
1998 saw Nick appearing on vinyl for the first time appearing on Lucinda Sieger’s cult classic ‘Sunset Red’ 12”. In 1990 Nick joined Acid Jazz act The Sandals as lead guitarist! Touring round the UK and Europe with labelmates Cordouroy and Mother Earth, and appearing on the Leftfield produced debut single -Profound Gas. Nick was introduced to new Acid Jazz signing Jamiroquai in late 91 by Sandals drummer and friend Wildcat Will . Jay Kay had already recorded with members of The Brand New Heavies and was looking to start his own live band. 1992 saw the release of the single ‘When You Gonna Learn’ on Acid Jazz records, and a number of memorable gigs culminating in a showcase at London’s Jazz Cafe
leading to the subsequent signing of JK to Sony 32 label. Nick went on to record on the classic chart topping debut ‘Emergency on Planet Earth’ LP playing; drums, some guitar and co wrote the song If I Like It I Do It. Nick was later voted 67th in the top 100 beats of all time for his drumming on Revolution 93 in a Millennium poll in Rhythm Magazine. ’93 /’94 was a hectic schedule touring the World promoting EOPE and saw the release of the singles ‘Too Young To Die’, ‘Blow Your Mind’ and ‘Emergency on Planet Earth’. It was during this period that Jamiroquai forged his reputation as one of the tightest live acts around.

Nick left the band in 94 soon after recording the uptempo funk, break-beat driven track ‘The Kids’ on the Return of the Space Cowboy LP
Later that year Nick got together with friends Simon Bartholomew (funky guitar maverick of The Brand New Heavies) and bass player Nick Seymore to form the Acid Jazz ‘supergroup’ -Akimbo. Signed to Acid Jazz the band recorded the ‘On Top’ album during 95 showcasing many of the UK’s top young jazz guns including members of TBNH, Zero7, Incognito, Herbalizer, and Soul II Soul. The band headlined The London Soho Jazz festival two years running appearing at Ronnie Scotts, and Madame JoJos Deep Funk sessions-hosted by legendary rare funk Dj and collector Keb Darge.
By 1999 Nick and Keb Darge had started their own independent label ‘Deep Funk Records’. Nick produced and played on 6 singles, 3 x funk 7”s by the’ Imaginary Visions’,the critically acclaimed Modern Soul 7” ‘What am I Gonna Do’ by Akwaaba People, and 2 more contemporary 12” singles under his own name, Foolish Moon and Na Capoeira featuring Vocals by Nina Miranda of Smoke City fame.
2003 saw the12” release of rare soul covers Get On Up/To Be Free- on Do Right records under the name ‘Chosen 2’ featuring Akwaaba People singer Mazen. Nick has also collaborated live and in the studio with The Brand New Heavies, Soul-Jazz keyboardist Jessica Lauren, Nu soul prodigies Omar and Vanessa Simon, Ohm, FBI, Raw Deal, The Superphonics, Andy Lewis, Nina Miranda, Dub Colossus, Barrie Sharp, Karminsky Experience, Soulpersona, Wonderlush, The Boom Yeh, Mamas Gun, and Incognito.
2008 saw the release of NvG’s first solo album ‘Choose Music’. Nick produces writes and plays all the instruments, the album features the soulful vocal talents of Akwaaba People frontman Mazen, and the ‘Stella Horns’ Jim Hunt, Nichol Thomson, and Dom Glover 2012 saw the release of solo album number two ‘Groovitas’ featuring Mazen, The Stella Horns, Monooka, Marcina Arnold, Simon Finch, Andy Ross, Finn Peters, Matt Cooper, and members of Dub Colossus. The Album was the debut release of Nick’s ‘Vee-Gee Records’ independent label Feb 2015 saw the release of ‘Loveland’ on Vee-Gee Records, under the artist name Van Gelder/Fleming, a collaboration featuring the powerhouse soulful vocal talents of Sulene Fleming. The album reached number one in the UK Soul Chart, and stayed on top for five weeks!
Recent production credits include prog jazz concept album ‘Zoology For Martians’, and big band Jazzfunk album ‘You What’ by Carl Hudson and Andy Tolman respectively, both mixed at Vee-Gee Studio.
Nick has also recently gained a solid reputation as Musical Director on the Soul Scene Live credits include, The Impressions, Ben E King, Leon Ware, The Valentine Brothers, Sheree Brown, The Natural Four, Randy Brown, Barbara Mason, The Emotions, Alton McClean, and more.
Upcoming recording projects include colabs with Soul divas Linda Muriel, and Deborah Bond, and a return to the Latin Pop sound of Lucinda Seiger.